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          Since 1995 , serving on the polyurethane elastomer material Artıpol Polyurethane & Rubber Manufacturing Import Export Industry and Trade Limited Company, commonly used for the polyurethane material in many industries since 2001 and began production on their metal with applications. Industrial sector in which the production of finished and semi -finished heavy industrial polyurethane used extensively because of the superior physical properties for our company serves the entire industry by AR & GE activities and investments .


Production Issues;

         Textile, Paper , Plastic Packaging, Printing and Publishing Sector to complete cylinder production and coating

         Mining and wear parts and screens for Soil Industry,

         Forklift and Pallet Truck Wheel Coating , and in this respect metals production,

         Excessive pipe , elbow and boilers liners ,

         Seal plate and mold springs,,

         Vibrating elements,

         Are specialized in manufacturing metal and metal.

         1st Industrial Zone in Izmir , 800 m of covered area , our company is engaged in manufacturing , hot cast iron, cold casting , machining and mold making processes in its own site..

         The young and expert staff , who have scored many successes to keep in the most important principles of our company at the highest level of product quality and customer satisfaction..




         High mechanical and chemical properties of a material with the use of state of the field of polyurethane elastomers wanted increased in all manufacturing sectors with a high momentum in the last decade . Chemical properties with increasing every day use of the outstanding features of the resulting polyurethane elastomer from diisocyanate and polyol chain improve the efficiency of production is developed and R & D performance we use today in the work as a result has developed polyurethanes HPP High Performance Polyurethanes..


        Major Features:


  Acids, bases , solvents, oils, and excellent resistance to bard

  Friction and resistance to high pressure

  Tear, tearing, abrasion resistance and high tensile

  Excellent electrical insulation

  Performance against bumps and knocks

         Permanent deformation under pressure to show that the property is.