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Our company roll coating, complete cylinder production, curve roller coating, maintenance and manufacturing, coating and manufacturing of wheels, tires and squeegee scraper serves the private production. CYLINDER COATING: Scarf Mercerized Wash Box Sizing Balloon Tightening Curve Edge Waltz openers Cylinders WHEEL: Dog Car Truck Wheels Wheel Trolleys Wheels.




The technology is totally dependent on outside the ceramic sector, the machines used in the production of polyurethane materials that produce a large portion of our company, is committed to reducing dependency on outside it. High wear resistance with a polyurethane elastomer material produced products have provided increased yields in production. Some parts we produce in series: Grid scraper bars (length: 1.70 m) Press the scraper bar Ceramic cutting machine damper attractive channel pistol rubber for packaging machines Various scrapers polyurethane pads brake reservoir wheel bearing coating Diverter tire.




To increase the wear resistance of high operating efficiency with polyurethane elastomer products made with materials of our hedeflenmektedir.firma prolonged lifespan by reducing costs and respond to the needs of the mining industry with his studies on this subject. We have made of polyurethane elastomer material, especially some of our products are produced for the mining industry; Polyurethane and rubber screens (complete or modular systems) Conveyors and conveyor rollers wear attractive elements Vibration elements Polyurethane Polyurethane scrapers cyclones mud pump impeller and liner Special manufacturing etc. .




Iron and Steel attractive to industry and the opening of our firm polyurethane coated rollers, as well as star, daisy, drums, coupling H-type tires and serves the industry with special requirements. Wear with high tear and impact strength values with HP polyurethane elastomers are applied successfully in the iron and steel industry.




Especially with polyurethane coatings with high wear resistance, serving in the paper industry, our company specialized in manufacturing, coupling tire next to the vb.konu continues to work with the following product groups; Dispatch Felt Sleeve Waltz Waltz Waltz Press Buffer Curve Waltz Waltz Embossing Rollers Paint Roller rolls attractive she is 20-98 hardness and 7000 mm. roller coating and the metal i should be done in length.